What We Do



Limited Company Accounts

Operating as a limited company comes with considerable accounting and financial obligations. Fulfilling these can be both time-consuming and expensive.

At Taxability we have the expertise and resources to help manage all tax and accounting needs your business make have including end of year accounts, management accounts, VAT, payroll and bookkeeping.

By allowing us to efficiently manage this aspect of your business, you’ll have more time to get on with the business of growing.



Whether you are operating as a franchisee, a franchiser or are considering franchising your business, Taxability can help.

As we ourselves are a franchise we have plenty of experience in this field.



Payroll typically involves a lot of paperwork and complex calculations, as well keeping track of holiday entitlements, changing tax rates as well as passing on these employee deductions to Revenue. This can be a headache for any businesses like yours – especially if you or your staff don’t have the appropriate expertise or sufficient time to deal with Payroll properly.


We can help, by providing all the Payroll know-how you need. With Taxability looking after the process for you, you’re guaranteed no more headaches.


Invoice Discounting

If your business could benefit from converting your debtors’ invoices to cash quickly, we can help. We have experience working with all four of the main invoice discounting providers, Close Brothers, AIB, Bibby and Bank Of Ireland.

After an initial consultation we can guide you through the complicated process by providing you with honest financial advice, introducing you to the best financial institution for you and managing your costs incurred and compliance involved.


Sole Trader Accounts

The sense of control, the freedom and fact that the business profits are yours to keep… there’s a lot to be said for being a sole trader.

Sole traders often lack the time, the resources and the know-how to deal with their tax and accounting matters efficiently.

At Taxability our role is similar to that of a company Financial Controller, where you can confidently leave the tax side of things to us. You can get all the expertise you need, without any heavy financial commitment. So it’s win-win.


Tax Returns

While Ireland’s tax system is complex and confusing, it’s entirely manageable when you know what’s what. And we do. We’ve already helped thousands of individuals and companies through the process of submitting their tax returns.

We also analyse your paperwork to see where tax savings can be made, we eliminate discrepancies that may prompt an audit, and should you have cash flow difficulties, we can negotiate a payment plan with Revenue on your behalf.



Bookkeeping can be a time consuming task, especially when you and your staff have more important things to be working on. That being said, bookkeeping is important for preparing accounts and tax returns, managing cash flow, raising finance, strategic decision making and staying tax compliant.

So let the experts at TaxAbility do it for you instead, while you concentrate on the business of making money.


Vat Returns

Every cent your business makes is hard earned. And it’s better off in your pocket than needlessly given to Revenue, in penalties and interest on late VAT returns and payments.

Putting your VAT affairs in the safe hands of TaxAbility makes good business sense. We already help companies like yours to deal with VAT, so we know how to save you time and money.